Partnerships + Accreditations

Connections We've Made...

Our Network Partners

We are completely independent in our selection of partners and when it comes to the choice of Fixed Line, Cellular, Satellite and Wimax networks.

This provides us with huge advantages, when designing solutions, as we are able to select the most appropriate combination of networks to ensure that we will design and build a solution which fits our customer’s challenge and the specific job in hand.

We are therefore, not constrained in the same way as the large providers.  They are are obliged to use their own network to solve all of their customers problems.  The big issue is that one network cannot solve all problems, or ‘be all things to all men’.  As a result, solutions  often do not work in the best interests of their customers as at best, they ‘make do’,

Onwave on the other hand, has a unique approach.  We craft an appropriate solution – every time.  Using specifically chosen networks and tools, we design a solution which will deliver.  With Onwave there is no compromise.  Only great connectivty and great service.

Our Data Centre Partners

Our network is resilient and fully mirrored in Citylifeline and Telehouse North.  This allows Onwave to provide a fully secure, private network between our customers’ People, Places and Assets and their core network.  Ensuring that if necessary, our customers data is kept away from the Internet.

We also provide high speed, low latency connectivity, with several Cloud Storage service providers.

 Our Vendor Partners

We select our Vendor Partners carefully and always make sure we use best in class equipment.  We have long standing relationships with a broad range of vendors.

Our Go-To-Market Partners

ViaVIA Voice

Hosted Telephony and Conferencing Systems – VIA provides businesses with a fully-fledged, seamless telephony and communication solution that replaces their traditional telephone systems and improves the way they work.




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