Crime and Fire

Secure Private Networks

Crime and Fire

Secure Private Networks

The Challenge

Gas pipelines are part of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure and it is essential that gas companies have a secure private network that is both reliable and resilient in order to effectively implement their security systems at all their locations.

Our Approach

Onwave provided Crime and Fire with an innovative bonding, multi-path network solution that utilised 4 cellular and 2 fixed line providers on a private and encrypted network.

This had a huge impact on both network resilience, bandwidth and speed, even in the most remote locations.

The Result

Onwave’s solution meant that Crime and Fire were able to relay more data than ever before back to their ARCs (CCTV streaming, alarms, remote access and 2-way PA systems), even in the event of a network outage.

Combining cellular and fixed line connectivity at each site the level of resilience was increased considerably.

Security was maximised with only authorised MAC address devices were allowed on the network, all data was encrypted and remote sites could only connect to the hubs and not the other sites.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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