Private Networking

Secure, robust, multi-layered Private Network solutions

Both Private and Public sector need to securely connect their staff, wherever they are working, to corporate systems.

This requires a network that is fast, reliable, scalable, flexible and above all secure, whether it is campus or country-wide!

Onwave provide cyber-secure wide area networking to connect all your sites together, as well as private connectivity across your site, whatever the size using Private radio networks: 4G/LTE, 5G and long-range Wi-Fi.

Private Wide Area Networks with SD-WAN and/or IP VPN overlays keep your company protected and your data safe, secured from the rest of the world.

Completely Private Network security features include:

  • Inability to be used by anyone without authorisation to do so
  • Use a unique set of non-routable private IP addresses
  • Use dedicated network equipment (routers, firewalls, connections) only to be used by your business
  • Have no breakouts to the Internet

By providing a secure overlay (SD-WAN/VPN) onto a private network Onwave offer an even higher level of security for your systems.
Onwave can provide a brand-new private network or an extension to an existing network allowing greater flexibility using our rapidly deployed private bonded-cellular solutions or take advantage of Onwave’s network which is already privately connected with all the major cellular and fixed line networks.
Onwave’s Private Networks have helped Customers to build secure solutions for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

Private Radio Networks: 4G/LTE, 5G and Long-range Wi-Fi.

Private Radio Networks are needed to ensure secure access to Digital Construction tools that are rapidly changing our industry.

Private radio networks ensure

  • Coverage where your staff need it
  • Security you control who has access to your network
  • Quality of Service matching your requirements
  • Network slices for different use-cases: IoT, Connected Autonomous Plant, sub-contractors, CCTV, etc.
  • Simple to evolve as a site programme progresses

Recent licence changes by Ofcom have allowed spectrum sharing which means Onwave can deliver you a private mobile network.

This is an evolution of our long-range campus Wi-Fi networks, which still have a place as a rapid and secure deployment solution.

Onwave can guide you to the right Private Networking solution

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