Connected Autonomous Plant

Revolutionising the construction sector in the digital age

Revolutionising construction safety and bringing huge productivity gains

Remote control of excavators has long been used in the more controlled environment of mining: Cat Command is now available for Civils and Construction sectors Europe-wide.

Connected Autonomous Plant (CAP)

CAP will revolutionise the construction sector, making work safer and quicker as well as bringing environmental benefits.

Onwave is a leader in this field from our work with Tier 1 contractors on large UK civils projects as well as working with the manufacturers to ensure the delivered solutions match the principles and needs of the CAP Roadmap launched by National Highways and i3P jointly in June 2020.

This identified challenges and workstreams to support a goal of making automation business as usual in construction by 2035.

Onwave’s specialty is secure radio networks to provide the last mile to your plant and then off site to your plant operators.

What is Cat Command?

The Cat Command Station has 360° view of the job site in front of the operator, with full telematics, microphones pick up engine noise and speakers replay it, with ultra-low latency connectivity giving instant feedback.

Any trained operator can pick it up in minutes!

Use cases:

  • Health and safety, removing the human from dangerous situations
  • Efficiency improvements – better use and allocation of resources and access native skills of the digital generation
  • Better work/life balance for drivers, based at a regular office not a remote construction site
  • Environmental – reduction in idling and travel to site
Why Onwave?

As a Caterpillar Network Integrator, we securely connect your plant to the Cat Command Station, either in cabins on site or the other side of the country.


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