Protecting People. Improving Productivity.

Onwave Locator (OWL) is a SaaS application, developed by Onwave to aid Customers with the dissemination and communication of hazard and work site information to remote workers.

OWL works based on the principles of geo-fences (a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area), these geo-fences can be created quickly and effectively within the application and immediately cascaded to field users with Android or Apple mobile devices.

How can OWL benefit my Company?

OWL provides benefits from aiding Health, Safety and Wellbeing, though increasing Productivity and Efficiency, to assisting with Environmental Management and Preservation.

Find out below how we can help you improve:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Environmental and
  • Security
Help protect the safety of your on-site staff
  • Increased site and hazard awareness
  • Improved user orientation
  • Better office to field interaction
  • Effective capture of real-time site information
Improve the health and well-being of on-site staff
  • Accelerated behavioural change
  • New feedback channel for field staff
  • Improved fatigue management
  • Shows people we care
Increase the productivity with real time information
  • Eliminate workplace errors
  • Highlights on site conduct/behaviour
  • Insights into effective working time
  • Ensure people are at the right place at the right time
Minimise environmental disruption
  • Protection of ecological habitats
  • Improved invasive species management
  • Improved environmental hazard awareness
  • Links to environmental sensors

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