Onwave work in partnership with Smoothwall to provide safeguarding solutions for schools

The UK’s no 1 digital safeguarding provider in education

1 in 3 schools use Smoothwall’s solutions to help keep their students safe.

Who are Smoothwall?

Smoothwall are the leading digital safeguarding solutions provider in UK Education. Over 10,000 schools, colleges and multi-academy trusts depend on Smoothwall technologies to keep their students safe and their education organisations compliant.  Smoothwall solutions work alone or combine to provide a complete online safety infrastructure that protects students, staff and network safety – at every touch point.

The Smoothwall Mission

Smoothwall aim to be the most trustworthy safeguarding solutions provider in the world; to develop the technology and awareness that are essential for the safety and wellbeing of all students.

Smoothwall Solutions

Digital safety is more than just filtering. It’s about protecting young people at every touch point.

Smoothwall Filter

Real-time dynamic content analysis

Keeps users safe by categorising new and existing content in real-time by analysing the content, context and construction of each page.


Offer appropriate internet access to guest mobile devices securely on your network across all platforms.

Granular Controls

Build web filtering policies based on user group, content category, location IP and time.

Social media controls

Allow read-only access and remove inappropriate content across social media sites browser.

Smoothwall Firewall

Combines with Smoothwall Filter for a complete all in one protection package. Can be purchased independently or combined to offer a unified threat management solution.

Next Generation firewall

Combines Layer 7 application control with perimeter firewall and stateful packet inspection to provide Next-Generation firewall functionality.

Bandwidth management

Limited bandwidth use to prioritise critical services.

Gateway anti-malware

Protect against known and zero day threats.

Gateway anti-malware

Includes Smoothwall’s pioneering web filter.

Smoothwall Monitor

Works in real-time to alert safeguarding teams to risks as they happen. Helps prevent online risks becoming real-life incidents. Meets all Ofsted requirements for appropriate filtering.

Real-time monitoring

Captures user activity as it happens, automatically sending potential risks through to the Monitor portal.

Online and offline monitoring

Captures activity that may indicate a risk, even outside of the regular web browser such as in a Word Document, Messaging app, or encrypted “dark web”.

Auto pre-grading

Our 24/7 in-house team of moderators review captures to minimise false positives and contact you by phone for any urgent risks.

Gateway anti-malware

Includes Smoothwall’s pioneering web filter.

Smoothwall Monitor free of charge for 30 days

To help your school, college or MAT better understand the benefits of monitoring technology, Smoothwall are providing our award-winning Monitor Managed Service free of charge for 30 days. That’s 30 days of online protection for pupils with no obligation, no risk and nothing to pay unless you decide to adopt the solution at the end of the period. If you are interested in joining the Smoothwall Monitor Managed Service free trial, please contact us below.

Safeguard Record Manager

Allows schools to easily record child protection issues and safeguarding incidents electronically without the need for traditional daybooks or CP
files. One of most reliable, trustworthy solutions available.


Events are stored in Chronology order allowing you to easily see notes from meetings, interventions and behaviour reports.


Have alerts sent direct to your designated staff members as and when they happen.

Body maps

Combine body maps with notes to review any emerging patterns or trends.

Easy reports

Reports are easy to produce and allows you to see all concerns raised on a specific student.

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