The Network Rail and OWL Geofence Collaboration

The rail industry contends with many hazards. Working on or near train tracks can have serious risks such as:
  • Shock
  • Trauma
  • Fatalities
Due to this, there is a relentless drive across the Rail sector to improve safety for all track workers. A key factor in many incidents about track worker safety is a loss of situational awareness. People can lose awareness of their location and step into harm’s way. Using an emerging technology called geofencing we can prevent loss of situational awareness. Our OWL technology is at the forefront of this new technology.

How is Onwave helping?

In December, a new standard (NR/L2/OHS/501 Module 4) is being introduced to the rail industry. This standard module specifies the need for geofencing technology, it provides details of:
  • Technical requirements
  • Competence requirements
  • Planning, installation, use, and removal.

How is Onwave helping?

To help ensure compliance, Onwave and Network Rail are collaborating to roll out our geofence solution in both Southern and Western regions. A meeting took place in the past few weeks to discuss a three-phase plan that will accelerate the roll-out of OWL in Sussex, Wessex, Kent and Western over the coming months. 

Using OWL, we will create a comprehensive geofencing library that will cover possessions and signal box notices across the routes making future development much more straightforward and effective for any site teams. The OWL Ecosystem consists of a SaaS application, wearable devices and a mobile app designed to promote greater awareness and provide automated alerting to personnel that regularly work in hazardous environments in and around operational infrastructure and services.

Not only are we helping to roll out the OWL geofencing solutions, but Onwave has also received full product acceptance from Network Rail under Certificate PA05/07418. We are lucky to work with those in the Network Rail’s task force to help us reach this fantastic milestone.

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