Emergency Services

Solutions for securely connecting your front line staff

Connectivity for front line Emergency Services

It is fundamentally changing the way it uses and requires data connectivity

There is huge pressure on the Emergency services to continually improve performance and efficiency:

  • Respond to changing demand by tackling root causes
  • Innovate and invest in prevention and protection
  • Drive efficiencies and increased productivity of all workers
  • Achieve greater emergency services collaboration
  • Implement initiatives that support improved local deliver
  • Drive shared services and procurement
  • Fast response to crises

All of this change means your emergency services organisation has the need for need greater and better bandwidth to relay information from the front line back to their control centres.  As well as, be more customer focused and effectively and efficiency connected, if it is to respond effectively to these change pressures.

Fast, reliable, resilient and secure connectivty will improve performance

The effective use of new information technologies and enterprise secure apps is playing a major part in enabling the necessary transformation and change.  It’s helping you tackle and solve problems in new ways and to work in a more integrated, more responsive and collaborative way.

Much of this new technology is dependent on an ever increasing amount of rapid, reliable, resilient and secure connectivity and includes:

  • effective in-vehicle and in-field connectivity
  • access to intranets and secure shared environments
  • specific enterprise applications
  • productivity tools such as Office 365
  • collaboration tools, such as Skype for Business or other secure tools
  • Internet, social media and on-line references
  • cloud-based or SaaS based applications
  • video streaming from the location to the control room and back again
  • local data including, mapping, landscape and building layouts delivered to the front line.

The IT and operations teams of Emergency Services organisations are under huge pressure to deliver and keep up with, evaluate and implement suitable new technologies that improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Increasingly, applications that contribute to these aims, require connectivity which is secure and can be relied on. 

We can help you deliver secure, reliable connectivity to your operational units

Procurement teams for the Emergency Services have worked hard to put in place appropriate connectivity solutions, however, fast changing requirements and limitations of the existing connectivity mean there are connectivity needs which are not met and locations in which you are unable to effectively operate.  This is particularly the case with the increasing use of new cloud based Apps, use of video, mobile devices, pop-up sites, temporary offices and incident rooms.

At Onwave we believe we have the answers to these challenges in a range of products, which allow you to not only rapidly set up new sites and connect your remote workers but also improve the security, control and performance of service, at all your operational locations.

The equipment we use has been mounted into Police, Ambulance and Fire services around the world, to get better backhaul from any location by providing bonded cellular SIMs for mounting in vehicle.

Our fully Managed Connectivity Service is typically delivered in 5 days and we’ll take care of all aspects of  service delivery including, install, configuration, testing through to support and maintenance.  You also get the added benefit of greater visibility and cost control through Onwave’s Cloud Management Platform and Proactive Data Management Service.

WAN for Vehicles and Operational Teams

Relevant to police, ambulance and fire services alike, our WAN Managed Service for Emergency Vehicles and Operational Teams will enable you to access to a wide variety of bandwidth hungry enterprise and mobile  applications.

Data will be fully secure, encrypted and transmitted via private MPLS based Wide Area Networks (WAN) extension.  Guests networks can be provided, where necessary.

Benefits include:

  • connectivity to and from the front-line when you really need it
  • improved operational efficiency
  • remote monitoring and managment of your  assets
  • collection of valuable data which will help you to manage change and unlock value
  • fast and effective response to crises
  • improved route and location planning;
  • access to real-time, in-depth reporting;
  • significantly improved productivity
  • enable the use of local IP solutions (CCTV, Tablets, Apps);
  • lone worker safety.

Through the provision of great connectivity, Onwave is able to help you deliver spectacular business outcomes.

Incident Units and Operational Sites

The emergency and health services frequently need to set-up incident rooms and temporary sites at short notice, at which workers can operate wirelessly and access enterprise systems.  Increasingly, there is need for mobile high speed broadband which is capable of supporting the data hungry apps which are essential to get the job done.

Within 5 days of of your order, we are able to deliver a fully managed service, which provides broadband connectivity to remote and temporary sites.  We can also deliver internal and external WiFi across the site and portable solutions which enable workers to take their connectivity with them and to work within 150m of our equipment.  All of this is delivered via our unique Managed Connectivity Service.  Your data is secure, and can be transmitted via our private networks directly to your data centre.

Benefits include:

  • fully managed service
  • rapid site set up within 5 days or portable solution available immediately
  • enable agile working via fixed or portable, fully secure wireless working
  • bring remote and temporary locations on-net
  • seamlessly work with corporate systems in the field
  • significantly increase the productivity of your workers on-site