Facilities Management

Big Data and the Cloud are changing FM

Facilities Management (FM) is changing – for the better

Facilities Management companies are increasingly using all kinds of workforce automation tools to improve efficiency across all their contracts.

This is increasing use of smartphones and tablets, which in turn is driving the demand for greater bandwidth and also greater connectivity and data coverage especially for mobile work forces who never come near to any fixed line office connectivity.

Single SIM network data coverage on 3G and 4G is only ever giving 98% by population – Onwave can deliver an in-vehicle solution which gives you 99% geographic data connectivity.

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Connectivity is key to getting the best use out of the cloud

Onwave can solve your office bandwidth needs too – using SD WAN technology we can augment all your existing WAN connectivity, adding in multiple bonded FTTC, ADSL, 3G and 4G to future proof your network needs.

We can deliver this as a full MPLS network to keep all you data on a secure private network or just facilitate greater direct Internet connectivity to all your cloud Apps.

Unlock the true potential of your teams with Onwave connectivity

Providing connectivity in the FM Environment has always been a challenge, however the improvements in mobile connectivity and multi-WAN routers has now made it possible to create a secure connection in most locations.

The key to unlocking and using this enhanced connectivity is in using a managed service provider such as Onwave, to give you the widest possible connectivity options for the locations your staff find themselves in.

Whether you are a hard or soft FM company you’ll be looking to provide a stable platform for your mobile staff and managers to gain a better understanding of the issues on the ground.

Onwave have a range of solutions specifically designed for the FM Environment, particularly with new Cloud-based apps and platforms.


Our Fully Managed Connectivity Services for FM

We have some great services and technology, specifically designed to get your sites, field workers, vehicles and assets connected.  Typically we’ll deliver within 5 days of your order.

Our leading technology enables us to deliver effective  connectivity by bonding signals to provide faster data connectivity directly to your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) via our private MPLS networks and data centres.  If it is just internet breakout that is required, we will deliver this bonding via our data centre to ensure maximum throughput.

Using our broad range of fully managed, connectivity solutions, we maximise the resilience and reliability of available mobile bandwidth.