Retail Solutions

More than just Epos

Increasingly reliable Epos Systems

Epos systems can be as simple as the equivalent of an electronic cash register, used to make and record a sale in restaurants, cafes, retail stores, supermarkets, or hotels. 

However point of sale systems can also be used as part of a more sophisticated IT system, linked into back-office stock control, ordering, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, driving promotions, vouchers and gift cards.

The upshot is that connectivity for a store is now critical and a single DSL circuit is no longer a sensible way to back haul your Epos systems.

Onwave can provide dual fixed line connectivity on a hot failover (a mix of fibre, FTTC, DSL) with cellular back up to ensure that not only can your stores keep on taking payments during a fixed line outage but the levels of customer service will not suffer as returns are processed as normal and all promotions and gift cards honoured in real time and your back office databases do not skip a beat.

Free customer Wi-Fi in-store

In the new digital retail age of clicks-and-mortar stores need to be able to create enhanced customer experiences.

One of the ways this is achieved is via free customer Wi-Fi.

Through the use of Captive Portals, Online Content and Advertising systems all of which are integrated into our cloud management platform, you can now deliver adverts, videos and content direct to your customers and in store.

Onwave can help you to increase sales through better customer engagement, improve customer experience with new and exciting content delivery and help you gain useful customer insights and feedback through the use of Social Wi-Fi.

We can also ensure that the network is designed, delivered and repeated consistently throughout your stores with your ePOS and back office systems securely separated from customer Wi-Fi and ensuring your business critical systems run even in the event of your main link failing.

Cloud and Big Data

Further changes are ahead in retail as greater use of Cloud based services and Big Data analysis help to drive the multi-channel revolution.

Onwave can help future proof your network against these ever growing data consumption and bandwidth needs; either on a site by site basis, to assist flagship stores or a smooth long-term roll out of new technologies.

Retail Solutions

Rapid  connectivity
set-up for stores

Our Rapid Connectivity Set-Up for retail stores is designed to get your new stores up and running within 5 days of you placing an order.

We’ll provide connectivity which supports the business needs of your store, including electronic Point Of Sale (ePOS) equipment, payment systems, collaboration tools, and intelligent video.  In addition, we can install all of the connectivity you need to support your in-store customer engagement initiatives.

You may have plans to open stores in areas where both fixed line and mobile communications are limited.  Our solution will deliver connectivity to sites where current connectivity is poor and problematic.  We achieve this through bonding the available cellular and fixed line signals in a specific locality, into a broadband which is secure, resilient and reliable.

Benefits include:

  • connectivity will be set-up within 5 days of your order
  • bring remote locations on-net for the first time
  • improve access to Apps and corporate systems which will improve productivity and enable the introduction of new services
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting and use this to improve planning and management


In Store Wifi

Effectively engaging your customers is critical to success in retail.  We can help you to achieve this by providing in store WiFi for use by both your staff and customers.

Our WiFi is fully secure and your store staff will be able to move freely around the store and be connected at all times.  You’ll be able to improve the levels of customer service and the productivity of staff as they’ll be able to access Apps and enterprise systems which helps them to do their job.  It will enable you to innovate and introduce new services and ways of serving and supporting customers.

You’ll also be able to provide WiFi for your customers to use while they are in-store and this will allow you to push notifications and messages to them about your latest offers, products and services.  They’ll also be able to seek help and support on-line.  This can also be made available to suppliers and contractors who may be working in store.

Benefits include:

  • add value to customers by the provision of in-store WiFi
  • improve engagement with your customers by being able to better interact with them while in store
  • introduce new services and promotional offers
  • enable your store staff to become more agile, by enabling them to access Apps and systems wirelessly
  • improve the productivity of your store

Internet of Things

There are many ways in which the Internet of Things can add value to your customers and to the effective and efficient operation of your stores.

This may include a whole range of applications including:

  • Near Field Communications (NFC), to help you provide information and offers to customers
  • CCTV and other forms of security monitoring
  • building management systems and fire and safety systems
  • intelligent video to assess store traffic and heat mapping
  • RFID stock control and intelligent shelving and re-ordering
  • automated self-service purchasing kiosks
  • ePOS linked to central systems

Our Managed Connectivity Service will bond available mobile and fixed line communications to provide a ‘fat’ superfast broadband, which will provide sufficient bandwidth  to run your in-store Internet of Things devices.  We’ll securely deliver your data on net via our private networks back to your data center or via a VPN over the internet.

Benefits include:

  • improved store effectiveness
  • opportunity to introduce new services
  • reduce cost through customer self-service
  • increase ability to monitor and manage centrally
  • improve the efficiency of store operations