Unbelievable Internet performance on the move.

Rapid Change is Taking Place in the Transport Sector

Businesses within the sector are being challenged to:

  • Improve information to frontline staff and customers
  • Improve the use of and deliver faster, more frequent services to customers
  • Use technology to deliver greater value and sustainability
  • Manage the impact of changing weather on operations
  • Improve energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Improve asset intelligence and maintenance processes
  • Enable collaboration and the flexibility of your workforce
  • Reduce overall costs
  • Predict and prevent failures and monitor asset condition
  • Improve health and safety for workers

All of this change is dependent on the effective use of IT within your operations across your fleet, staff and transport networks.

Technology will help to respond

There is an increasing need to use technology to address many of the challenges you face.

It is becoming increasingly important to take advantage of the growing range of IT and digital tools available, most of which are dependent on fast, reliable and resilient connectivity.  They include the increased use of:

  • field force management and productivity tools;
  • workforce health and safety management systems;
  • planning and satellite imagery tools,
  • asset monitoring and maintenance systems;
  • security systems;
  • project management tools;
  • cloud based collaboration tools such as Skype for business, Office 365, and VoIP phone systems;
  • other enterprise applications.

All of this is enabled by connectivity which connects,  passengers, colleagues, suppliers, contractors, and partners, as well as the physical places, assets and networks which support all types of transport.

Connectivity services that will help to improve your business performance

At the centre of change within the Transport sector, is the need to connect your people, places and assets more reliably and seamlessly. The Onwave range of services can help your offer better connectivity to your staff,  and customers alike.

  • Rapidly set-up new sites or operations, we are able to design, build, install and run a fully managed connectivity service within 5 days of the initial instruction.
  • Connect your field force: if you have a large field force supporting customers or providing roadside assistance you may rely on constant communication with these teams. Onwave WAN in a van service is the only solution that takes advantage of all 4 mobile networks to maximise coverage, bandwidth and reliability, meaning your field force will no longer need to chase mobile signal to keep you updated.
  • Enable collaboration and drive up productivity: by being able to reliably and effectively connect colleagues, suppliers and partners, you will be able to use unified communications including tools such as: Skype for Business, video and audio conferencing, as well as cloud solutions including Office 365, all of which drive up the productivity and automation of your operations.
  • Looking to provide Wireless networks for the public: We can provide well designed wireless networks allowing you to collect more insights to your customers, we can assist you to expand your existing connections to give public WiFi, help you manage and collate date through use of social media login, allowing users to sign in using facebook, twitter etc.
  • Ensure your workers are safe: by being always connected, you can provide services such as live video and Skype for Business to your lone workers, you will always know where they are and will always be in reach.
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Mobile Connectivity for Transport

Our Remote Site Managed Connectivity solution is designed to deliver connectivity to remote sites where current connectivity is poor and problematic.  In simple terms, your sites will be connected faster, spend more time on line and benefit from higher bandwidth!

Onwave’s  Remote Site Managed Connectivity Service, ensures your site and the people working on it are connected and can operate effectively. We have huge experience of making the best use of the available mobile and fixed line signals and providing secure connectivity and wifi to guests and employees based at the sites.  By using a blend of services a “Hybrid connection” you will increase resilience and reliability of your site communications.  Onwave’s services increase the overall bandwidth available to your end users by bonding multiple links, resulting in improved application performance and allowing access to a wider array of services.

We can provide internet breakout or take your data across our private fully secure MPLS network.  In other words, we will provide an extension to your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN).

Benefits include:

  • site set-up within 5 days of your order.
  • bring remote locations on-net for the first time;
  • connect teams of up to 100 on-net using a single router;
  • significantly increase the productivity of workers on-site;
  • provide reliable Guest access;
  • enable wireless working anywhere on-site;
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting and use this to improve planning and management.

Connected Vehicles for Transport

Our WAN IN A VAN managed connectivity service, allows field workers to use enterprise applications such as Office 365, Skype for Business, field force alongside other bandwidth hungry applications.  They access these inside and and outside of their vehicle and up to 150 metres away.  Data is fully secure and encrypted and transmitted over the internet, or via private MPLS based Wide Area Networks (WAN).  Guests can also use the service, but of course your data will be kept separate and completely secure.

Your workers can access these services, both inside and and outside of their vehicle and up to 150 metres away.  Data is fully secure and encrypted and transmitted over the internet, or via private MPLS based Wide Area Networks (WAN) extension.  Guests networks can be provided, where necessary.

Benefits include:

  • ability to take connectivity to remote locations;
  • mobile Wide Area Network (WAN);
  • use of enterprise and collaboration tools in the van and via wifi;
  • improved route and location planning;
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting;
  • significantly improved productivity;
  • improved employee and public safety resulting from better and more consistent driving behaviour;
  • enable the use of local IP solutions (CCTV, Tablets, Apps);
  • more responsive incident and crisis management;
  • lone worker safety.

Connected Places, Security and Safety

It is vital that you sites are secure and safe for employees, suppliers, contractors and the general public.  Also, you need to protect your assets, which range from building materials to plant, equipment and vehicles.

You have many sites which need to be protected and where additional security in the form of CCTV monitoring, public address, bio-metric or remotely managed access. Resilient and reliable, broadband connectivity is therefore, essential.

Reliable, connectivity with broad bandwidth is therefore, essential.  Without it, you cannot deliver.

Onwave will provide a fully secure extension to your Corporate WAN, and will ensure that your are continually connected with access to the necessary bandwidth.
Benefits include:

  • fast install, within 5-10 days;
  • continuous 24/7, 365 coverage;
  • Reliable and resilient connectivity;
  • secure data management;
  • sufficient bandwidth allocations for at least four concurrent CCTV or streaming video connections;
  • fixed line, cellular, and satellite combinations which deliver continuous up time, even in extreme situations.