Our Technology

How we help get Your Business Better Connected

We are a business that loves technology…

Exceptional technology partnerships with some of the worlds leading networks and hardware vendors, ensure that our solutions always meet the needs of our Blue Chip and Enterprise customers.

  • Independent choice on services used to create your network
  • Largest selection of on-net and private access to carriers (fixed line and mobile)
  • Leaders in the SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN market
  • Extensive and comprehensive range of IP services
  • First Class network security
  • Continuous Growth and Reinvestment in Technology

…from technical support…

What we see as exceptional technical support.

We don’t believe that the technical knowledge within our business should be limited to just the interaction with a support team and that’s why we encourage technical interaction with your business at multiple levels

From the CEO to the Operations teams our staff love interacting with Customers, giving them valuable advise and support, helping them build solutions and crystallise their ideas into projects.

  • we have professional staff who love talking about technology
  • our operations teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience around the practicalities of service delivery
  • our nationwide suppliers make delivery painless
  • our network engineers are easy to talk to and happily liaise with technical and management

…through to great products…

Cutting edge products that are tried and tested.

In addition to our highly technical and competent team, we also

  • offer products such as Hybrid give you a completely new option from a connectivity standpoint
  • help you to control and management and gain control of your Network
  • treat your network with the same importance as we treat your own

All this knowledge and experience has been gained working with suppliers, testing hardware and building solutions and delivering service into a wide range of sectors.

….we achieve real Business Results

Your staff can get connected quicker and more securely than ever before, whether you need a new location added to the corporate WAN or are trying to get around the connectivity problems experienced daily by your field force. 

Our customers see a rapid decrease in trouble tickets for network issues once they’ve switched to our service; don’t take our word for it, call us for references.


Cloud Management Platform

  • Real time and hsitoric data usage
  • connectivity strength
  • bandwidth speeds
  • GPS based device location
  • connected devices

Security & Privacy

  • extend MPLS services at minimal cost
  • deliver encryption without the support for software VPNs
  • Create entirely off-net private networks
  • Access Private APNs and major networks more easily


  • Separate Guest and Corp traffic
  • Deliver multiple SSID and VLAN
  • Firewall, routing and blocking policy
  • Managed switches and APs
  • Single point of contact

Future Proofed

  • don’t get outpaced by developments in technology
  • don’t have to invest in new infrastructure
  • aren’t tied into contract when technology evolves
  • get quotes from all available providers
  • Add in DSL/FTTC for short term/monthly boosts