Control + Visibility with Cloud Management

If you can't see it, you can't manage it...


To control you need to have visibility

In order to ensure that our customers get maximum visibility across their network we provide them with access to the same level of information that our network teams enjoy!

We do this using our cloud based management platform which our customers tell us helps in a number of ways:

  • Support staff can be on top of network issues dealing directly with affected users
  • Onwave and their IT team have stronger relationships built on common understanding
  • The platform helps them to take back control and improve service to their internal users and stakeholders

What our customers tell us:

“Onwave cloud platform has really helped our 1 st Line support teams. Support staff are able identify, more quickly, the different forms of network issues, to get these appropriately escalated and resolved”.

“The Onwave platform really helps us manage sites, we can see trends in usage well in advance and it helps us understand traffic demand, usage profiles and to work with Onwave to manage our data consumption!”

A basic guide to the platform

The platform has been developed so that every customer gets a clear view of their own network.

To provide the maximum benefit we give selected staff within our clients organisations access to our Cloud Management Platform.

The platform allows users to see at high level the connection status of their devices but also provides a granular real time view of key information such as;

  • connected users and devices
  • overall bandwidth consumption
  • IP addressing
  • user data consumption
  • active sessions
  • GPS location data etc.

All this information helps customers get a complete picture of their connectivity demands user profiles and service requirements.

With an Onwave Managed Service the Cloud based management platform is provided at no extra cost and with unlimited user licences so that you can share information with your teams.


You are in control, even when we are providing a fully managed service!

We believe all our customers need to have a clear understanding and real time visibility of their network and connected users.

With the added advantage of GPS tracking information presented within the same platform, businesses can also maintain better control on their remote and lone workers, their assets and their valuable resources.