Our Core Network

Connectivity which is fast, resilient and reliable

Secure, resilient mirrored core network running MPLS

We have invested heavily in the creation of a fully resilient core network.

All our Network infrastructure is hosted with dedicated racks at Telehouse North and City Lifeline, two of the UKs premier Data Centres.

Our Core Network operates using Cisco and Juniper Hardware and we have an array of physical interconnects to both the terrestrial and mobile network operators.

By providing access to this network, within secure L3 VPN, our customers can leverage our Network to increase the reliability, bandwidth and speed of deployment of any site or office connectivity.


The operation of an MPLS core network enables us to provide our customers a complete range of IP services, to deliver high levels of security and separation and to enable advanced features such as QOS.

We are able to provide each customer with a separate secure pathway across our infrastructure.

As the onwave Network already interconnects with all the major fixed line and mobile providers you can benefit from secure services direct from Onwave through all these providers. You don’t need to go to the expense of creating your own private APN or physical interconnects we can enable this for you as part of our initial setup.

MPLS, Hybrid and QOS

By combining our MPLS core with Hybrid WAN technologies you can now build MPLS levels of security to the edge of your network, whether those edge devices support single users, assets of larger teams and projects.

The advantage of operating a Hybrid WAN on the edge of the network is that we can deliver you secure solutions using the full range of WAN services, Fibre, FTTC, ADSL, Cellular, Satellite, WiMax, Microwave.

For specific QOS requirements it is best to speak to our technical team, below are just some of the traffic engineering services we provide over our customers networks:

  • prioritisation of traffic flow
  • implementation of bandwidth control
  • QOS
  • management of service priority for users or user group

In general we look to engineer our edge solutions with you to ensure critical traffic is prioritised and  to prevent network congestion