Future proof your network

Access to the latest developments in IT routing hardware and IT networks

The challenge faced by CIOs and CTOs across all sectors.

How do you ensure your business keeps pace with advancements in technology and changes in IT networking?

At Onwave, we believe that the answer is in, how you buy services.

For years companies have invested in physical infrastructure (Servers, Data Centre, PBX and MPLS connections etc). These are rapidly being replaced by Office 365, SaaS and mobile apps, where Contracts are short, terms are flexible and customers can quickly leverage and take advantage of new services.

It is this approach that we have tried to bring into our networking solutions; while we still offer the more traditional services such as MPLS and Leased Lines, we often now combine these within an overall flexible architecture. Helping you to build agile solutions that provide service flexibility with the security that is demanded by any organisation, from lone workers, field force in vehicles, pop-up sites to large 1Gb fibre circuits.

Leading edge, future proofed network technologies

Partnerships with all major fixed line, cellular, satellite and WISP networks, all delivered to our Points of Presence (POPs) at Telehouse North and City Lifeline, ensure that Onwave can offer on-net connectivity, via its private network, with maximum coverage throughout the UK.

Onwave’s fully managed service (Hybrid) helps Onwave combine any variation of the above to offer something different from the competition. Hybrid takes advantage of any available access method to improve the performance, reliability and flexibility of IP connectivity but more importantly is that you don’t need to make an investment to avail of this service

With an Onwave Managed service you get access to the latest development in IT routing hardware and IT networks. Our network continues to expand ensuring you keep pace with additions in the WAN market. Hardware is maintained and supported by Onwave and updated and refreshed over time to keep you on line with access to the latest IT services whether it is the local expansion of the FTTC networks or changes to Cellular Services such as 5G.