Multiple Networks + Independence

We are independent in network selection, on every occasion

True Network Independence

Selecting and combining any networks to improve service

We hold and manage partnerships with all of the UK’s principle Fixed Line and Cellular network operators.

Network independence allows us to offer a completely independent solution built using any network or combinations of networks.

It also means that we make recommendations to you, without allegiance to any one operator or network.

To put it another way, we take the best connectivity in the market and design a solution tailored for you.  Only Onwave can do this.

The power of combined network solutions

As a result of our relationships with Networks and hardware vendors alike we can build solutions that take the best facets of technology and apply these to your business applications. This means we increase your

Service reliability: people, places and assets are connected more of the time.

Service resilience: combined network paths ensure you do not suffer complete loss of service.

Service performance: you benefit from the aggregated performance by combining bandwidth