Managed WAN + LAN

Helping you build a unified service delivery model

Managed WAN

The business benefits of a managed WAN

There can be a number of benefits of a fully managed WAN, whether it is:

  • allowing you to free up valuable in house IT resources to focus on developing IT strategies
  • Helping you to create greater certainty in the cost and delivery of service
  • Supporting an already stretched IT department
  • Simplifying the channels and lowering costs associated with dealing with multiple suppliers
  • Avoiding the cost of outright hardware purchase

At Onwave, we are well positioned to deliver on these benefits, as an ISP and Managed service provider we have the physical, technical and management systems in place to make outsourcing your WAN connectivity a reality.

Managed LAN

The Importance of a well designed LAN and WLAN

From a Networking standpoint the local area network (LAN) infrastructure can often have as much impact on service performance for end users as the WAN connectivity. Developments in the 802.11 Wireless standards have seen regular improvements in the performance of Wireless Access points and Wireless Networking.

At Onwave we treat your Wireless LAN as a key element of our service delivery. Whether we provide a routers which is capable of supporting a local WiFi network for 10-20 users or an office wide deployment of cloud based APs.

Onwave can provide a range of Wireless products to suit your specific requirements and when you order WiFi as part of our managed service we will design, configure, set up and install your wireless LAN environment to ensure you get exactly what you need, whether that’s;

  • multiple SSIDs with VLAN support, to allow you to separate and apply policy based routing to different user groups
  • Captive Portal; to allow you to deliver branded content, terms and conditions and other info or to control connection times, speeds and data limits.
  • Social Wi-Fi Hotspots allowing users to sign in with Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc so that you can learn more about your customer base and get insightful reports.

We Evolve With You.

In running a managed service business we have learnt to not only listen to our customer but to hear and action what they are telling us.

This approach has helped us develop a broader range of services for both our WAN and LAN, most important is that each and every one has been directly related to solving problems faced by the customer.

All our managed services are offered on the same great terms and conditions with short term rental and low capital outlay.

  • Extension of the LAN with Wireless Bridges
  • Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points
  • Extension of the WAN via local fibre distribution
  • Managed VLAN and SSID support