The cloud is brilliant (if you can get to it!)

The cloud is here and it is here to stay and this is a good thing. However connectivity is the key to getting full use of these new shared services.

I speak to people on a regular basis who are frustrated with the wait for delivery of fixed line connectivity. Usually businesses are getting connected from 30-60 days from placing the order, there is no fast track, you cannot pay more to get online quicker, it will get delivered when it is delivered.

If you’re opening a new office or planning an office move these time scales can be acceptable but in many industries time is not a luxury they have. Take construction companies; they win a bid and need staff on the ground fast to deliver to the project timelines. 21st century construction is all about BIM (building information modelling) and connectivity to get the teams working with the latest drawings fast.

Until the IT team place the order and get the usual 30-60 days but as it is a green-field site there can be excess construction charges, need to terminate new equipment, the exchange is already at capacity.

The delays start to build, the IT team as a stop gap get some dongles from their contracted mobile network, maybe deploy some Mi-Fi boxes. Then they discover there is a not-spot for that provider at the site or the data allowances get exceeded and they get hit up with huge excess charges, maintaining the IPsec VPN clients and passwords on laptops, network printing does not work, corporate tablets only have Wi-Fi built in.

Step forward Onwave’s award winning rapid and resilient managed connectivity: Computer Weekly European User Awards 2015 ceremony during Cloud World Forum handed the prize for the Best Networking Project of the Year to Onwave and its work with Osborne.

Cloud access delivery delay headaches are now a thing of the past.

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