Three ways Ofcom’s and Openreach will help us all

For remote, temporary and transitional sites, Onwave’s  team deploy a managed service which allows teams to continue to use their business systems at remote sites. Making a Hybrid Site with connectivity on tap with both Ofcom and Openreach.

The Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) have provided an update, giving latest news from a connectivity perspective.

Ofcom has published a range of draft decisions, which have been presented to the European Commission for final approval expected in June 2014. As part of their wider Fixed Access Market Reviews (FAMR) and Wholesale Broadband Access Review (WBAR) they have devised key targets and minimum performance standards for Openreach.
This is great news for us and our customers as we have to deal with Openreach if installing fixed lines at sites. Here’s a summary of the draft decisions.

The key targets for Openreach included in the draft statement are:

  • It must complete approximately 80% of fault repairs within one to two days of being notified.
  • An appointment must be provided for around 80% of new line installations within 12 working days of being notified.
  • It must report publicly on its performance. This will allow Ofcom to monitor and intervene further if required.
  • It must make clear the timeframe of its current workload to reassure consumers about how long any work is likely to take.

We’re looking forward to these changes as we will be able to deliver on a more accurate timeframe.

The targets will begin to be introduced in summer 2014 and will escalate over the next three years, reaching their full level in April 2016. Should Openreach fail to meet the targets, Ofcom will impose sanctions, possibly including fines. It should be noted that these changes only apply to BT’s own Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) product and its fully unbundled (LLU MPF) broadband and phone lines

If you are responsible for IT and connectivity at sites, a variety of situations arise that require quick thinking. Here are some situations that may be familiar to you. Having to provision, track and pay for dongles, and quick repairs on an accidentally cut cable.

Here are 5 ways to tell you have earned your stripes in the construction connectivity challenge.

  • You used to think your child’s mobile phone bill was expensive until you received your first £500 overage bill for a one SIM dongle at site.
  • You often have to go home/McDonald’s to work because there’s better Wi-Fi there.
  • You carry a bag of dongles from multiple providers around, for when your regular mobile provider has no signal at site.
  • You regularly set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on your phone so everyone can use the internet.
  • You aren’t surprised when the “telecom” engineers turn up to install your fixed lines, a week before the project is due to finish.

What’s in your top 5 of strange occurrences at sites?

How Onwave Hybrid sites eliminate these top five foibles:

  • Monitored and capped connectivity makes for predictable billing.
  • WiFi and bonded connectivity scales up the performance for multiple users.
  • Onwave’s site survey and managed service makes sure the best signals are selected on a site by site basis.
  • Professional grade equipment gives shared connectivity to cope for everyone.
  • Although we don’t have a crystal ball for “telecom” engineers, we can provide all the connectivity you need in time for the project, when you need it.

How does a Hybrid solution help me?
Whether you need a rapid deployment or a working strategy for sites, a Hybrid solution offers you predictability and resilience. With companies relying more on cloud applications and enjoying the savings, a robust connectivity solution is crucial.

An Onwave Hybrid solution has all the security and resilience required for contemporary networks. As a managed service, Onwave provides all aspect support from physical installation to network engineering and firewall configuration.

Find the Forbes article covering cloud savings and where businesses are using the money saved on here.

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