Connecting People

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Connected people are your most valuable asset

Great business performance is dependent on your people being able to effectively connect

Whether in an office, in a vehicle, at home or working on a site, your people need to be able to be easily in touch with colleagues, customers, suppliers and a range of others, in order to get the job done.

Increasingly, they need to be able to collaborate using tools such as Skype for business and Office 365, as well as applications in the cloud and other on-line tools which are necessary to get the job done.  They’ll also need to use enterprise systems relevant to their role.

At the heart of effective collaboration is great connectivity – essential for the digital world

Over half of business executives claim that slow decision making and poor quality communication are the biggest problems they face in doing their work.  By connecting and collaborating faster and better, decision making and co-ordination can be significantly improved.

Where you have a field force, a fleet of vehicles or a workforce distributed across a number of remote sites, it is vital that connectivity is of a high quality and capable of supporting the applications needed to do the job.

Ideally, you’ll want them all to be able to operate as if in an office, so all work can be automated with  processes and working practices standardised.

At the heart of effective collaboration is great connectivity, as without this, in a digital world, communication is not possible.

Our great connectivity will enable your business to achieve spectacular business outcomes.

We help you drive up productivity and safety

Become more connected, agile and productive

Our great connectivity will enable you to implement new technologies and tools.  These will empower your workforce.  You’ll also be able to effectively roll-out your digital strategies.

By being able to reliably and effectively connect colleagues, suppliers and partners, you’ll be able to use unified communications, including tools such as: Skype for Business, video and audio conferencing, as well as cloud solutions including Office 365, all of which drive up the productivity and automation of your operations.  Your core experts, field force, remote workers and other distributed teams will be able to collaborate more effectively and use enterprise apps, wherever they are.

The result is that your decision making, delivery and efficiency will improve.  Your business will become more responsive, agile and productive.

Remove hassle and operational and IT costs

By using our Managed Connectivity Service you will be able to reduce or remove a whole range of operational costs and inefficiencies.

You should also be able to free up  IT and operational resource from the hassle of setting up new, as well as maintaining connectivity to existing sites and your field force.

The great news is that by using our Managed Connectivity Service, Onwave will remove the hassle and ensure that the best connectivity available at every site is delivered.

Ensure your remote and lone workers are safe

By being always connected, your lone workers will be safe.  You’ll always know where they are, if they are safe and you’ll be able to contact them when necessary.

You may also be able to reduce the number of personnel needed to complete a job.

Depending on the type of role they are doing, you may be able to provide them with wearable devices which continually monitor the atmosphere and environment in which they work.  You can use this information to help you and your workers manage their health and safety more effectively and efficiency.

Our products have been specifically developed to help you connect people

Lone Worker

Improve the safety of your staff

Field Force Connectivity Solutions

Your mobile workforce better connected

WAN in the van

Get 99% coverage in your vehicles

Hybrid WAN

Intelligently connecting your sites

Rapid Connectivity

Connecting your people, sites, vehicles and networks in 5 days

Remote Connectivity

Using 3G/4G in DSL Not-spots

Mobile Command and Control

Get your emergency control vehicles connected

MPLS Extension

Quickly extend your MPLS network

Hybrid MPLS

Benefit from all types of connectivity in your MPLS network

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