Connecting Places

Connect your remote locations to the services they need

 Well connected work places enable your people and organisation to perform

If your people can connect, wherever they are, they can perform.

Whatever, your business or organisation, it is essential that the places through which you operate are effectively connected.  Depending on what you do, you may connect a huge variety of different workplaces, including a chain of shops, factory units, distribution hubs, offices, vehicles and outdoor environments.

In the digital world, all organisations of any scale, must be securely connected to the Internet and cloud, or to their private network and data centres.

What is essential is that this connectivity is fit for purpose.  You must put in place reliable, resilient, secure and future proofed.

The number of new data and bandwith hungry Apps is continually increasing.  Your connectivity must be capable and fit for purpose.   You also need to be confident that your connectivity can flex in line with the changing requirements of the business and in line with your digital strategy.

Every workplace is unique. Your connectivity solution should be too.

For example, if you are a construction company, you will need:

  • connectivity to be rapidly set-up at new sites – within days, not months
  • secure connectivity back to your head office and to other sites and offices within the group
  • to be able to communicate with suppliers and contractors
  • your site workers will need to be able to work wirelessly within site buildings, as well as outdoors
  • your people to be able to access the same Apps they would use if they were in your head office.  Many of these will be real-time and bandwidth hungry.

This is often challenging to achieve.

The good news is, we deliver great connectivity to the places where your workers are.  We’ll help you deliver spectacular business outcomes.

The Benefits of Onwave’s Great Connectivity

We help you drive up productivity, service improvements and safety by delivering technology which works

Turn your vehicles into powerful mobile hot spots
and mobile offices

Your field force and mobile workers are your front line.  They are critical to the effective and efficient operation of your organisation, as well as the delivery of high quality service to customers.

Despite this, many have to carry out their jobs with inadequate connectivity resorting to manual work-arounds and compromises.

We are able to design, build and install superfast, secure cellular broadband connectivity ..  This means your mobile workers will be able to access and use the full range of enterprise applications and collaboration tools available.  They will be able to work using wifi, within a 150 meter radius of their vehicle or portable connectivity solution.

You will as a result, significantly improve the:

  • overall quality of service delivered
  • ease of working with your frontline
  • responsiveness of your teams
  • effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • productivity and job satisfaction of individual workers
  • health and safety of workers as as you will always know where they are.

By delivering connectivity where other suppliers frequently struggle, we will directly improve your business performance.

Rapidly set-up your new sites and offices

Onwave is able to design, build, install and run, fully managed connectivity to remote sites, within 5 days of the initial instruction.  You no longer need incur the costs and delays of waiting for fixed line connectivity to be put in place.

Whether it’s via mobile, fixed line, or satellite; being well connected will enable you to solve problems in new ways.  No longer will you need to compromise on safety, live with inefficiencies or adopt manual work-arounds.

You will perhaps for the first time, be able to deploy new technology solutions in the offices, remote locations, as well as the homes of home workers, which form your operations.

 Improve your standard working practices, agility and avoid operational IT costs

Great connectivity in every location will enable you to roll-out your digital strategies, including new technologies and tools, which connect your people in their workplace, no matter where you need them to be.  Your field force and mobile workers will be able to collaborate in new ways, solve problems and make decisions.

Your people will also be able adopt standard working practices, access collaboration tools and enterprise systems, which will enable all of your workers, field force, remote workers and other distributed teams to fully and effectively collaborate.

The result is, your business will become more responsive and agile.  All of this, will have a positive impact on customer service, project costs, delivery timescales, and if necessary, will enable access to experts, wherever, they are in the world.

You’ll also be able to reduce or remove a whole range of costs, by freeing up IT and operational resource from the hassle of putting in place connectivity which works at each location – not an easy challenge.

The great news is that by using our Managed Connectivity Service, we will remove the hassle and ensure that the best connectivity at every location is delivered.

Hybrid MPLS

Grow your MPLS beyond your current provider’s network

Rapid Connectivity

Connecting your people, sites, vehicles and networks in 5 days

Emergency Fibre Replacement

New office is opening but no fibre install date?

Private Networks

Keep your data away from the Public Internet


Use all available connectivity to define your new WAN

MPLS Network Add-ons

Add in MPLS quality to your network

Hybrid WAN

Intelligently connecting your sites

Fibre / Leased Lines

Provision your main bearers from any provider

Remote Connectivity

Using 3G/4G in DSL Not-spots

Connecting the locations of the UK’s biggest companies, wherever they are