About Onwave

Our Company, Mission + Team

Our Company


We are both an internet service provider and independent network integrator.  

Connectivity.  We get you connected through single or combined services from:

  • all major Tier 1 fibre and fixed line networks
  • all mobile cellular networks
  • WiMAX networks
  • multiple satellite and wireless networks

When we design a managed connectivity service for you, we will ensure that we build in resilience and performance, based on a carefully constructed combination of services from all our connectivity partners.

  • Independent network selection every time
  • You benefit from our existing contracts and interconnects with all major UK networks
  • Ability to combine all these networks into a single private service without compromising security
  • Easily add in dual path resilience at any location
  • Quickly grow your bandwidth using bonded lines

Our Credentials

We are an Internet Service Provider in our own right.

Our position is different from most ISPs as we are not just re-selling, one wholesaler’s network, we combine them all to fit your needs:

  • Focused on managed service provision
  • Knowledgable teams in WAN and LAN
  • Nice people to work with, or so we’ve been told, call us for references!

Why Onwave?

Service differentiators:

  • Power of all Networks, connected
  • Experts in working with and managing other networks to ensure delivery for our customers
  • Profitable, stable and secure, founded in 2008
  • Well backed and funded allowing us to continue to grow at pace
  • Able to bring fresh ideas and new ways of working
  • Not restricted by the traditional “Channel” views

Getting Started…

A typical customer journey with Onwave

Stage 1

  • Initial small scale low risk test case
  • run it for a month
  • single project with objectives set to prove the service
  • establish a working relationship
  • review options going forward

We are confident you’ll see at this point how different we are to all other Service Providers.

Building from this we will help with your further connectivity challenges, P2P links across large sites, managed switches and APs, VoIP phones, remote locations, VLANs and all the other value adds to good connectivity.

Stage 2

Based on our initial work we now review any learnings and then plan out the next tranche of projects or services, managed from cradle to grave, with regular performance feedback.

This deepens our working relationship as we evolve into a ‘partnership agreement’.

By continuing to deliver above and beyond our customer’s expectations and removing pain points from your business, over time we move our customers into a collaborative partnership arrangement, something we have achieved with a number of our customers.

Stage 3

Establishing a partnering agreement with emphasis on transparency and innovation gains shared, with Onwave becoming the lead provider and trusted adviser, offering up new solutions that we find in the marketplace.

An example of this is collaborative working approach is evidenced by the award for  “Best networking project of the year” by Computer Weekly in 2015, recognising our great work with Osborne, one of the UK’s leading construction companies.

 Why Choose Us?

We build high performing Partnerships

Our expert team is experienced, knowlegable and consistently delivers

We cover complex network environments

 We deliver spectacular outcomes for your business or organisation

We are independent in network selection, on every occasion

 We are independent in network selection, on every occasion

Our history, values and ownership

Our History

Onwave has been operating since 2008, delivering fast, reliable, resilient and secure Managed Connectivity Solutions to business.

Investment from our parent company Nucleus VP group  has allowed us to develop leading edge, future proofed network technologies built around our own, fully resilient, core network; engineered to world class standards.

This network is now being used by some of the largest companies in the UK.

Nucleus VP Group

Onwave is part of Nucleus VP Group.

The Group’s mission is to build a lasting legacy of sustainable companies which make a difference in the world of technology.

Onwave sister and Group companies:

Our Values

Connecting Effectively with Our Customers:

  • Beginning and ending with our customer
  • Inspiring, challenging and coaching
  • Operating with honesty and integrity
  • Being easy to do business with

Make a Difference:

  • Creating new possibilities
  • Partnering for mutual success
  • Making change happen