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How WAN in a Van is Anglian Water Remote Teams Connected.

What is WAN in a van?

Onwave’s in-vehicle solutions maximise the cellular network coverage across your operational area using multi-path bonding technology. With all your data kept secure within a private network.

All devices are centrally managed by Onwave with full visibility for our customers via a cloud management platform giving real time and historic vehicle location tracking, service availability and performance information.

Network connectivity is distributed in and around the vehicles via Wi-Fi to your field teams. Other equipment can be connected to the solutions such as CCTV (allowing remote access to live video data) RFID readers (for booking out stock/plant) vehicle telematics data and even externally mounted safety sensors or cameras.


Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area (27,500 km²). To cover this vast landscape, it is important for engineers to be able to use their mobile devices to send and receive documents, tasks, and project updates.

Due to the challenges with keeping its workforce connected remote locations, Anglian Water tasked Onwave with delivering a reliable, resilient communication network solution that would optimise remote worker communications whilst in the field and on the move.

The Solution

To help enable engineers remain connected, Onwave installed its WAN in a Van solution into Anglian Waters fleet of vehicles. To maximise connectivity, each vehicle was fitted with secure 4/5G solutions, that can connect to all four UK networks using high power external antennas. The devices were connected to the vehicle ignition circuit, so automatically power on and off preserving the vehicle battery when the vehicle is running, and off after 30 minutes of the vehicle being stopped to preserve the battery.

With the ability remain always connected, the van in a van solution enables communication should there be any incidents onsite whilst engineers are in remote locations.

In built GPS within the devices, surfaced in a cloud portal enables engineers to be located easily should they require emergency services, or another team to be sent out to support them.

Better communication enables changes, adjustments, or key to get to engineers in real-time. The engineers are also able to communicate more reliably with the office teams to discuss any information – such as ordering parts or requesting equipment speeding up processing and delivery.

Having reliable connectivity is vital when working in remote locations. Onwave’s Wan in a van solution underpins the connectivity allows engineers ability to complete important tasks electronically, update files and use SaaS platforms without the frustration of lack of connectivity.

We are proud to be providing connections to 30 Anglian Water vans to ensuring their engineers can work in remote locations with ease.

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