East Sussex

Winter Fleet

East Sussex

Winter Fleet

The Challenge

East Sussex Highways required a solution to improve the efficiency and transparency of their Winter fleet vehicles used for all highway maintenance, which is subcontracted to a JV between Costain and CH2M. East Sussex Highways had several objectives for its’ gritters:

  • Real time vehicle activity and location
  • Carry out deep data mining of gritter telematics and analyse route efficacy
  • To relay gritter schedule information to the public.

Our Approach

Every vehicle was fitted with a multicellular router which tracked gritters historically and in real time via a web portal. Onwave developed a software platform using data from the router and InControl2 to show exact gritter locations on a county map.

To track gritter activity, a small computer was added to the router to record real time data via a serial data link with the SPARGO. This data was then combined with all GPS data to populate a SQL database in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Gritter schedule information was then available to the public.

In winter, Onwave rolled out a GIS monitoring system across all the winter fleet vehicles to give continued activity transparency.

The Result

The public interface provided greater transparency for the county, giving them access to the times and locations that have been gritted.

The GIS system allows the council to carry out deep-data mining and to relay data via a network of rugged in-vehicle tablets.

Connected technology without the hassle.