Connectivity on the Move

High Performance Portable Connectivity

Looking to improve the performance and communication of your field staff?

Onwave’s in-vehicle solutions maximise the cellular network coverage across your operational area using cutting-edge bonded SIM technology.
Your data is secured within a private network and all devices are centrally managed through a cloud management platform that provides real time and historic vehicle location tracking, service availability and performance information.


Onwave’s portable all-weather solution, provides optimised site connectivity for field operations. NetCase contains a powerful SD-WAN router capable of combining the service from four mobile networks, eliminating the reliance on a single provider and increasing bandwidth.

The NetCase is a complete “network in a box” built for the harshest environments in IP rated pelicase, containing:

  • A powerful quad SIM cellular router
  • High gain Mi-Mo antennas
  • Rechargeable batteries with 12 hours continual operation*
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi allowing multiple smart devices to connect
  • Dual USB outputs for charging devices*
  • External LAN ports for connecting devices via Ethernet without opening the case
WAN in a Van

Multi-network bonded cellular backhaul Internet connectivity is distributed in and around the vehicle via Wi-Fi.
Other equipment can be connected to this: onboard PTZ CCTV allowing remote access to live video data and local video recording for review, RFID readers for booking out stock/plant, vehicle ODB data and externally mounted safety sensors.

Command and Control Vehicles

Assured connectivity at the hub of your site operations, designed with maximum performance and reliability in mind. Each vehicle will have the combined availability and bandwidth of all 4 UK mobile networks, even combining satellite as needed. Secure access can be established to all the resources you require.
IP telephony can be provided to ensure a consistent line of communication.

Management and Visibility

As well as providing unrivalled levels of mobile connectivity, the NetCase comes with:

  • Inbuilt location tracking so you know where your field operatives are at all times
  • Cloud management platform capable of running reports for data usage and much more
  • Globally available Mobile Networks

NetCase is ideal for remote and mobile work crews where connectivity is critical for works, information and communication.

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