Initial Site Connectivity

The Challenge

During the start-up phase sites usually have very poor connectivity due to antenna-less single SIM routers, especially at remote sites.

Sometimes, while waiting for the installation of Openreach lines, sites have no connectivity at all.

Another issue is that sites often face excess construction charges to fit new BT lines, which often push new projects over budget.

ISG found themselves in this very situation, fortunately, we had the answer.

Our Approach

A variety of hybrid options were offered to ISG including services that blend BT lines, fibre and 4G connectivity with or without failover. The range of solutions meant that ISG were able to avoid extortionate construction charges and choose the best connectivity option for every situation.

The agreed solution equipped the sites with dual SIM routers that provided 4G connectivity within 5 days of ordering.

This improved both bandwidth and resilience as signals were bonded together where possible, with a failover function enabled.

The Result

Onwave provided and continue to deliver, a fully managed service that lowered overall project costs.

Each site benefited from a solution that was completely tailored to its’ needs.

Hybrid and bonding technology meant improved reliability and resilience for all sites.

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