CCTV for security is critical… and so’s the backhaul

CCTV is a very useful tool for fighting crime and the threat of terror in the UK.

It is mostly now used to get eyes on events that occur in a remote location away from the ARC (security industry speak for the control centre).

I have seen some very impressive demos of the recent advances in CCTV tech; for example the ability to tell a person’s height in a crowded street, or follow the same person thought city streets from cam to cam automatically; putting in activation zones that automatically trigger alarms/emails/SMS when an event occurs, the ability to warn off people about to indulge in anti-social behaviour: “You in the grey hoody, the police have been alerted and this footage is being recorded.”

But all these excellent innovations need resilient back haul, i.e. a dual path back to the ARC so the creative use of pliers on a BT ADSL phone line does not stop the live feed.

Onwave provides dual back haul on any mixture of: ADSL, FTTC, Fibre, 3G/4G and satellite and from a number of different providers.

This means if an event occurs the ARC won’t get that sinking feeling of lost connectivity.

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