Multi-WAN Failover: Ensure your network is always on

In the era of digitisation and technology-led delivery, reliable connectivity is crucial for businesses.

In the era of digitisation and technology-led delivery, connectivity is an essential component of efficient business operations. It plays a key role in how people, work and communicate, access resources and provide great service to end customers, making the availability and reliability of the network critical. Companies often rely on cloud-based or SaaS applications for key business processes; finance, procurement, sales and marketing as well as service delivery. Where any network disruption can cause a significant impact, with a domino effect while critical systems are unreachable or offline. It is vital that organisations consider ways to ensure that their networks remain operational, secure and resilient using a solution such as Multi-WAN.

WAN Failover

WAN services should be designed to provide clear failover paths that can prevent network disruptions by rerouting traffic to alternative active connections. Network traffic should be automatically transferred from degraded or failed connections onto alternative network paths such as 5G/4G SIMs, Wireless, backup or alternate fixed line circuits.

All too often we see networks designed that don’t have automated and suitable failover mechanisms or that rely on older technology. This can mean:

  • They are slow or require manual intervention to failover
  • The primary path requires continual monitoring and or reconfiguration before being restored
  • Performance of critical applications are degraded due to reduced bandwidth after the failover event
  • Bandwidth kept in reserve is wasted due to active-passive configuration.

Luckily, smarter solutions are available with SD-WAN:

SD-WAN Failover

Onwave’s SD-WAN technology helps companies to eliminate the risk of service interruption that can lead to business disruption. Our SD-WAN technology automates network intervention by using Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) which intelligently reroutes traffic on the best available paths.

By using multiple active WAN circuits in any combination, you can avoid disruption even during a failover event, as continuous availability is ensured with automated failover. Session persistence ensures that all user requests are directed to the same server meaning web-related processes are not impacted by the failover process.

Below are just a few of the other benefits that an Onwave SD-WAN solution can provide:

  • Agnostic in use of WAN circuits ensuring you can delivery resilience with the best value services available at any point in time
  • On-net WAN connectivity to help your create a Private SD-WAN with increased security
  • End to End data encryption, protecting all your data in transit
  • Quality of Service (QoS) to create application prioritisation
  • Cloud Management visibility for quick and easy data analysis.

Onwave build bespoke SD-WAN networks from the ground up to suit our customers’ most crucial business requirements. We also develop the custom monitoring tools needed to provide you with comprehensive visibility and control over their network and traffic.

No matter your industry, Onwave can help define the solution to keep you online and connected, always.

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