Gartner recognise the importance of Software-Defined WAN

The SD-WAN evolution

SD WAN has the potential to transform the Wide Area Network.

The enterprise WAN can often suffer from being very rigid in its formation. The ability to deliver or increase available bandwidth depends typically on using costly network services such as MPLS or Leased lines meaning businesses need access to highly trained and scarce network engineering resources to implement network change, greatly increasing operational costs and lead times.

Combine this with the addition of security and delivery of new SaaS type applications and you further increase the complexity of these conventional WAN.

Given that all requests for access to central servers, cloud and SAAS applications go through hubs located typically at HQ by way of WAN links, it is somewhat inevitable that links get saturated, bottlenecks occur and degraded performance is seen as a result.

The solution to this is to build a Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)

Benefits of an SD-WAN

When we developed our connectivity strategy, we wanted to help customers create, manage and operate secure resilient networks that provided greater efficiency and flexibility without a compromise on security or performance.

The concept of the SD WAN is to allow the enterprise network engineer to create a platform or toolkit of functionality which makes it possible to

  • Connect users anywhere for instant access to any application
  • Connect a new cloud service anywhere for instant availability
  • Clearly monitor traffic flow
  • Improve the level of redundancy and resilience across the network

Hybrid™ an Onwave SD-WAN

Unlike conventional WAN architectures, which operate with a high level of dependency on fixed line services, Onwave offer a fully integrated SD-WAN over any combination of available networks.

This approach allows us to optimise traffic between your MPLS and the Internet over the full range of access circuits (Bonded Cellular/ Satellite/ xDSL/ FTTC/ Ethernet/ MPLS) for all applications and between both internal and external users.

By combining services and routing in this way we can ensure that you achieve the right balance of security, flexibility, resilience and simplicity.

Adding new services or applications, scaling bandwidth, changing policies increasing resilience all become easy to achieve. As the entire solution can be managed by Onwave in house network teams you can focus on driving more IT improvements.