Resolve the age old problems of trackside connectivity

Safety and efficiency through connectivity

In Rail, the limited time on track afforded and need to ensure the safe execution and hand back of works, all lead to the need to improve communication.

We believe by deploying a secure reliable data connectivity service and combining this with cloud based management system containing GPS location information that you can enhance your workflows and improve your productivity, this can help

  • Reduce Man-hours in the trackside environment
  • Improve visibility / communication with the field
  • Allow you to capture real time data and use applications in the field more successfully

Clients are always looking for innovative ways to improve safety and to make a step change in performance, could Onwave data connectivity solutions enable you to take the first steps.

Unlock the true potential of your teams with Onwave connectivity

Providing connectivity in the Rail Environment has always been a challenge, however the improvements in mobile connectivity and multi wan routers has now made it possible to create a secure connection in most locations.

The key to unlocking and using this enhanced connectivity is in its infancy.

Whether you are a national testing company looking to provide a stable platform for your mobile testing applications, the network maintenance manager looking to gain a better understanding of the issues on the ground.

Onwave have a range of solutions specifically designed for the Rail Environment.

 Our Fully Managed Connectivity Services for Rail

 We have some great services and technology, specifically designed to get your sites, field workers, vehicles and assets connected.  Typically we’ll deliver in 5 days of your order.

Our leading technology enables us to deliver effective  connectivity by bonding signals to provide faster data connectivity directly to your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) via our private MPLS networks and data centres.  If it is just internet breakout that is required, we will deliver this bonding via our data centre to ensure maximum throughput.

Using our broad range of fully managed, connectivity solutions, we maximise the resilience and reliability of available mobile bandwidth.

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Mobile Rail Worker Solutions

As an independent ISP, Onwave deliver a mobile connection to your workforce using the best available mobile carrier, Onwave bond bandwidth to provide 98% coverage of the UK Rail Network.
Onwave kit can be combined with your existing devices and can be battery powered, IP Rated and or delivered in a wearable form.
With the added advantage of inbuilt GPS and a cloud based dashboard you can know where your teams are at any TIME.


Rail Plant and OTMs

Onwave solutions can be easily installed in OTMs, and as with the mobile workforce solutions you can get real time information on the location of on track plant. This information can be used to enhance line safe line clear processes, to monitor the speed of plant within the work site.
By coupling the connectivity solution with sensor technologies you can get also start to understand plant utilisation, gather CCTV information and look to further enhance safety on site.


Temporary Rail Project Offices

Whether it is a 72 hour commissioning weekend or a three month project, Onwave will get your site connected with the necessary level of bandwidth.

Onwave can help you with all these scenarios:

  • Are your teams struggling with paperless testing?
  • Do you have need of better backhaul for access to Proscient?
  • Would streaming video enhance:
    • project management?
    • safe working practices?
    • near miss reviews?
  • Would communication and working efficiency be improved with your JV partners?