Intelligently connecting your people, places and assets

The utilities sector is transforming and so is its need for data connectivity

Whether Water, Gas, Electricity or Renewables, you’re experiencing huge amounts of change, including:

  • rising customer expectations
  • opening up of competition
  • increasing demand for services
  • growing need for reliability, affordability and sustainability
  • changing regulation and legislation

Rapid change needs your business to respond.

Good Connectivity enables you to respond to these challenges.

Great Connectivity Improves Business Performance

You will have connectivity solutions in place already, however it is very likely that there are gaps in the connectivity across your network, sites, field force and vehicles.

The result is; inconsistent working practices, manual working and many lost opportunities to improve productivity and overall performance.

The good news is, at Onwave we believe we have the answers to these challenges in a range of products which allow you to not only rapidly set up new sites,  connect remote workers and vehicles but to also improve the security (even for CPNI sites), control and performance of service at all your work locations.

Our Fully Managed Connectivity Services for Utilities

We have some great services and technology, specifically designed to get your sites, field workers, vehicles and assets connected.  Typically we’ll deliver in 5 days of your order.

Our leading technology enables us to deliver effective  connectivity by bonding signals to provide ‘fatter’, superfast broadband,  and securely transmit your data to your corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) via our private MPLS networks and data centres.  If it is internet breakout that is required, we will deliver this via a secure VPN.

Using our broad range of fully managed, connectivity solutions, we maximise the resilience and reliability of available mobile bandwidth.  We utilise 3G/4G connectivity from all four of the UK mobile networks, as well as all forms of fibre and fixed lines from eight on-net, private network providers, as well as satellite, from 2 providers.

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People – WAN in a Van and Field Worker Service

Our WAN in a Van and Field Worker Managed Connectivity Services, allow field workers to use enterprise applications such as Office 365, Skype for Business, field force and enterprise applications, alongside other bandwidth hungry applications.

Your workers can access these services, both inside and and outside of their vehicle and up to 150 metres away.  Data is fully secure, encrypted and transmitted over the internet, or via private MPLS based Wide Area Networks (WAN) extension.  Guests networks can be provided, where necessary.

Benefits include:

  • improved route and location planning;
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting;
  • significantly improved productivity;
  • improved employee and public safety resulting from better and more consistent driving behaviour;
  • enable the use of local IP solutions (CCTV, Tablets, Apps);
  • more responsive incident and crisis management;
  • lone worker safety.

Places – Remote Site Service

Our Remote Site Managed Connectivity Service is designed to deliver reliable and resilient connectivity to remote sites, where current connectivity is poor and problematic.  For water utilities, this includes: Sewerage and Water Treatment Plants, and reservoirs; for energy companies: sub-stations, wind and solar farms and for gas utilities: storage and transmission plants, as well as construction projects.

Benefits include:

  • bring remote locations on-net for the first time;
  • connect teams of up to 100 on-net using a single router;
  • significantly increase the productivity of workers on-site;
  • provide reliable Guest access;
  • enable wireless working anywhere on-site;
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting and use this to improve planning and management.

Assets – Secure Critical National Infrastructure (CPNI) Service

Our Secure Critical National Infrastructure (CPNI) Connectivity Service, allows you to secure remote locations.  Such as, sites and equipment, which in additional to the need for physical security, require centralised monitoring and control of localities via  PTZ CCTV, PA Systems and remote access.

Onwave can and is supplying  fully secure Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) networks for utilities, where dual path resiliency is required to maintain continuous access to and monitoring of remote sites.  We will provide a fully secure extension to your Corporate WAN and will ensure that you are continually connected with access to the necessary bandwidth.

Benefits include:

  • fast install, within 5-10 days, for rapid initial security cover;
  • sufficient bandwidth allocations for at least four concurrent CCTV or streaming video connections;
  • fixed line, cellular, and satellite combinations lead to continuous up time, even in extreme situations.
  • the Service has been tested and passed by the Home Office.

Assets – Internet of Everything

SCADA, IOT and M2M Service

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is described by CISCO (2016), as ‘bringing together people, process, data and things, to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before; turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries’.

As you look to develop and implement your digital strategy, there is the growing opportunity to use devices continually to centrally  monitor and remotely control your operations.  This demands high levels of reliability and resilience in your connectivity, in order to maintain service to business operations.

Onwave will help you deliver your IOE, IOT, M2M and SCADA strategies and operations.

Benefits include:

  • fast install;
  • flexible commercial models;
  • resilient and reliable service in any location, including rural and extreme locations;
  •  the ability for you to continuously monitor, control and manage your assets;
  • security of your data

Assets – Network Asset Connectivity Service

Now more than ever before, Utility companies need to be able to understand everything that is happening to assets across their infrastructure.  Onwave’s Network Asset Service enables you to securely connect your entire estate of assets.

You will be able to monitor, analyse and predict asset performance, requirements for maintenance and replacement, as well as more effectively manage the asset estate and the associated field force.

Benefits include:

  • fast install;
  • resilient service in any location, including extreme locations;
  • gives you the ability to continuously monitor, control and manage your assets;
  • improve ROI on your asset estate;
  • increase the productivity of your field workforce.
  • ensure the security of your data.