Starlink for rail

The UK rail network covers a vast landscape of 200,000km of rail network and having robust connectivity is a requirement for both passengers and those in an operational role on the railway. Starlink can benefit those running the rail network, rail passengers and logistics professionals in a number of ways.

  • Passenger Wi-Fi

Enhance passenger experience with onboard Wi-Fi connectivity. Keep passengers entertained, informed, and connected throughout their journey with reliable internet meaning business passengers can work onboard without disruption.

  • Train crew communications

Enable seamless communication between onboard crews and control centres. Our Starlink solutions ensure efficient coordination and rapid response to incidents, accidents, and real time train positioning can be made a reality.

  • Operational Connectivity

Streamline operations with reliable connectivity for signalling, monitoring, and control systems. Ensure vital communication for those working in remote locations. Communication between operational centres and maintenance crews can ensure health and safety protocols can be followed and maintenance schedules and updates shared with ease.

  • Real- time monitoring 

Real-time wagon and cargo monitoring for freight trains means being able to adapt and adjust delivery expectations with real-time reporting for logistics professionals and their customers.

  • Safety and Security

Enhance safety and security measures with real-time surveillance and communication capabilities. Our solutions provide vital connectivity for emergency response and incident management meaning people can respond quickly to time critical situations.

  • Onboard payments

Facilitate the purchase of additional goods and services with Starlink, enable trains to be primed to take payments for additional products, services, and entertainment onboard meaning you can optimise revenue for on board purchases including upgrades and ticket payments on the move.

  • Train experts

At Onwave we have experienced people with over 100 years of experience in the rail sector combined with experienced satellite installation specialists.

Discover how our fully managed Starlink for rail services can benefit your teams and customers.


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