Alstom are Utilising Geofence Technology to Enhance Operational Safety

Throughout 2022, Alstom trialled our OWL technology with the intention to enhance operational safety. The technology uses geofences to create virtual boundaries around specific areas, such as trackwork or stations. When a train enters or leaves a geofence, the OWL system alerts the driver and other crew members. This helps to prevent accidents and incidents by ensuring that trains are always operating in a safe manner.

Regional Director David Maddison ChPP FAPM said the below.

Fantastic collaboration between Alstom and On Wave UK Ltd to implement geofencing workforce protection on the Cambridge re-signalling project over the Xmas period and wider implementation across all our Network Rail projects in the forth-coming months.


The benefits of the system include providing the workforce with instant notification when they exit their safe working limits. The system enables the Engineering Supervisor to monitor all work groups, RRV’s, OTP, Trains, Marker boards and OLE earths when installed for construction activities, track trollies and on-track equipment within a worksite.


There are no excuses now to have people, plant and equipment in the wrong position within our worksites supporting workforce safety.


Many thanks to the Alstom and Onwave team for your hard work in implementing this system.

You can read the full release from Alstom below.

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