How connectivity demands can result in site savings.

Better connectivity at site means a single strategy irrespective of location, but what of cost savings?

For remote, temporary and transitional sites, Onwave deploys a managed service which allows teams to continue to use their business systems at remote sites.

Here’s an insight into achievable savings from the Construction Manager magazine of the Chartered Institute of Building, which stated that the changing trends in business systems use demands more of connectivity as we move towards cloud and Software As A Service.

Popular business applications which increase demand for onsite connectivity
Email alone is still used by some construction firms. The disadvantage is that increasing size and complexity of files used in planning and delivery push up the data requirements. This requires a certain kind of infrastructure for the network. Then consider security of email, the need for shared portals and Office 365.

These tools demand connectivity that supports VPN and as a result, low latency connectivity is required.

BIM is next on the agenda, especially for companies dealing with government contracts. This will further the connectivity requirement. We see some of our clients already building full project offices on site with capability for plotters, BIM databases and backup.

Devices in demand at site – where the savings are
From a recent article inConstruction Manager magazine, it’s mentioned that consumer-targeted hardware (such as smartphones and tablets) gives the opportunity for a new perspective. Cheap to buy and fitted with durable cases, these devices can be regarded much like a consumable item and replaced more cheaply once damaged beyond economic repair.

Many companies now give their users these new devices after a period of company use, meaning users value and look after their equipment more. Some companies have seen replacement levels actually fall from figures of around 20-30% a year to around 3% – a significant saving.

Microsoft have recently announced Office availability on iPad, this indicates a step change in business software support for consumer devices – so the timing could not be better.

“Given the general pressure on pricing, construction companies and clients simply cannot afford to waste time due to lack of information. Nor can they risk mistakes due to inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, or just incorrect information,” Construction Manager article on BIM and mobile devices.

How to combine apps and devices to your organisation’s benefit
An Onwave connectivity solution, offering a business-grade WAN eliminates the need for connectivity for each individual device. A single-managed router can provide secure connectivity not always available to consumer-targeted devices. Onwave’s managed service provides a level of data capacity and latency appropriate to popular business apps.

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