Multi-WAN Failover – ensure your network is always on

In the era of digitisation and technology-led performance, connectivity is an essential component of efficient business operations for all organisations. Connectivity plays a key role in how people work and communicate, provide services to customers and access corporate resources, making the availability and reliability of the network critical. Many companies rely on cloud-based applications for file storage, sharing and communication, as well as for key processes that require the use of SaaS such as Office 365 or digital marketing platforms. One network interruption can cause a disastrous domino effect from hours of work being lost to critical systems taken offline. It is vital for organisations to consider means to ensure that their networks remain active and unbreakable.

WAN Failover

Routers can be configured to accommodate failover principles that can prevent network disruptions by identifying outages and other capacity issues and rerouting traffic to an active connection. Network traffic is automatically transferred from a degraded or failed connection to an alternative network component such as a 5G/4G SIM card, SoGEA, or alternate fixed line circuits.

Traditional failover solutions rely on older technology which can mean:

  • Slow responsiveness to failover
  • The performance of critical apps degrade after the failover event due to reduced bandwidth
  • Brandwidth kept in reserve is wasted due to active-passive configuration

SD-WAN Failover

Onwave’s SD-WAN technology eliminates manual intervention by using Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) which intelligently reroutes traffic on the best available paths.

By using active-active circuits, networks can avoid disruption even during a failover event, as continuous availability is ensured with automated failover. Additionally, through a method called session persistence, all user requests are directed to the same server. This means that web-related processes remain consistent, even when they occur over multiple networks.

These are just a few of the benefits that an SD-WAN solution can provide:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) can be used to create hierarchies for data packets for quick and easy data analysis
  • Agnostic in tail circuit selection gives you the best value connection
  • Many telcos on-net to give you a Private SD-WAN solution to increase security
  • Data encrypted in transit, protecting your information on the move

Onwave builds bespoke SD-WAN networks from the ground up to suit our customers’ most crucial business requirements. We also develop the custom monitoring tools needed to provide the best visibility and control over their network and traffic.

Having a failover is vital to ensure that you can avoid the disastrous results of losing connectivity such as:

  • Costing you time
  • Costing you Money
  • Your reputation

However, ensuring that you have a failover can ensure that you can:

  • Minimise any business disruptions
  • Reduce business risk
  • Enhance your security

No matter your industry, Onwave can help define the solution to keep you online and connected, always.

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