Onwave become associate members of CECA

Onwave present at CECA
In October 2013 Onwave presented at the Civil Engineering Contractors Association Southern board meeting. Discussing connectivity issues at sites, we received a positive interest by many of the attendees.

Response from the Civil Engineering Contractors Association Southern Board meeting
Following on from our meeting, over 70% of the top 100 construction companies were keen to hear more on our connectivity solutions. Onwave followed with a series of webinars and trailer demonstrations resulting in orders for our Hybrid connectivity solution.

How we joined
Because of the increasing engagement with the construction and civil engineering sectors, through the mutual exchange of information with CECA membership, we were able to assist our customers in a more informed way.

Other new members include Colas Rail, McCoda Ltd, MACE, Suttle Projects Ltd and V.S.Rail Ltd.

From CECA: Associate membership is a new category of membership for companies working in civil engineering, but who do not fall within the definition of a civil engineering contractor. This new member grade is to allow appropriate companies to work more closely with CECA members and to enjoy and contribute to a mutual exchange of understanding and expertise.

Associate Members are encouraged to contribute to and benefit from the mutual exchange of information and expertise with CECA members and thereby broaden and enhance the mutual understanding of the needs and priorities of the industry.”

Onwave are proud to be associate members of CECA and look forward to driving forward innovation in construction and civil engineering.


For the full list of CECA members please click here.


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