Getting your project teams on line quicker and with better comms

Construction is Managing Huge Transformation

The construction sector is fundamentally changing the way it uses and requires data connectivity.

There’s an ever increasing demand for data connectivity, being driven by both internal and external sources:

  • Government targets for implementation of BIM level 2
  • Growing legislation in relation to measuring and ensuring low and zero carbon waste management
  • Growth in use of modular, prefabricated and off-site construction
  • Increase in joint ventures and collaborations
  • Changes and developments in available applications and technologies
  • Office 365 migrations
  • Cloud applications
  • Tablet and smartphone Apps

All of this change means your business has to be more effectively and efficiency connected if it to effectively collaborate.

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What Our Construction Clients Say:

  • When we started looking for a more reliable method of assuring site connectivity, we found Onwave to be a great fit for our needs.

    Phil Gilbey
    Phil Gilbey Head of IT, Osborne
  • Using Onwave has helped us to meet the requirements of rapidly deploying IT connectivity for our projects. We have around 40 sites connected using the service consuming on average two terabytes of data per month.

    Nick Capsticks
    Nick Capsticks Head of Networks - Costain Group Plc
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Technology is Quickly Impacting Every Construction Site

The quick uptake of new technology within construction can be hugely beneficial. It can allow you to deliver complex projects cheaper, safer and more effectively. It can also allow your customers to reduce the on-going costs of maintaining and running the infrastructure, once delivered.

This new technology does however require an ever increasing amount of connectivity, on faster deployment cycles, to take full advantage of the growing use of digital tools:

  • BIM 2016 Level 2
  • Project management tools
  • Office 365
  • Cloud-based or SaaS based applications
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Other enterprise applications

IT departments have been struggling to keep up, as existing suppliers need long lead times a commodity rarely available in such as fast paced environment.

Connectivity to improve your business performance

In simple terms your people, places and assets will be Connected Faster, spend More Time Online and benefit from Higher Bandwidth:

Procurement teams have historically done a great job of getting the most competitive prices for your connectivity needs: whether it’s fibre in head office or best data rates on mobile contracts. Despite this, you’ve got sites that are not working and you’re got a long wait for your fixed lines to go in.

IT departments struggle to cope with the massive increase in data demands on site, sites reliant on mobile rather than fixed lines consume huge amounts of mobile data per month incurring large excess data charges which are not economically viable.  If only you could choose other SIM Networks or a different provider, or maybe even throw satellite, WiMAX or microwave into the mix.

At Onwave we believe we have the answers to these challenges in a range of products which allow you to not only rapidly set up new sites and connect remote workers but to all improve the security, control and performance of service at all your work locations.

Our fully Managed Connectivity Service is typically delivered in 5 days and we’ll take care of all aspects of  service delivery including, install, configuration, testing through to support and maintenance. You also get the added benefit of greater visibility and cost control through Onwave’s Cloud Management Platform and Proactive Data Management Service.


Places – Project Sites/ Offices

Our Remote Site Connectivity, Hybrid and Hybrid WAN solutions are designed to deliver connectivity to sites where current connectivity is poor and problematic.

Your site and the people working on it can be better connected and can operate more effectively.

We have huge experience, taking the best in mobile, satellite, wireless and fixed line technologies to provide secure connectivity to your corporate users, guests and subcontractors based on sites.  By using a blend of services a “Hybrid connection” you will increase resilience and reliability of your site communications.

Onwave’s services increase the overall bandwidth available to your end users by bonding multiple links, resulting in improved application performance and allowing access to a wider array of services.

Benefits include:

  • site set-up within 5 days of your order.
  • bring remote locations on-net for the first time;
  • connect teams of up to 100 on-net using a single router;
  • significantly increase the productivity of workers on-site;
  • provide reliable Guest access;
  • enable wireless working anywhere on-site;
  • access real-time, in-depth reporting and use this to improve planning and management.

People  – Project, field staff and mobile vehicles

Our people focused connectivity services such as WAN in the VAN/CAR, Remote Worker and Mobile Command and Control allow field workers to use enterprise applications such as Office 365, Skype for Business in the field as though they were within your office.

Data is fully secure and encrypted and can be passed directly to your corporate LAN via our private MPLS Network. We can provide WLAN so that your workers can access these services, both inside and and outside of their vehicle.

Benefits include:

  • mobile Wide Area Network (WAN);
  • enables use of enterprise and collaboration tools in the field;
  • improved visibility with access to real-time data
  • significantly improved productivity;
  • improved employee and lone worker safety;
  • enables the use of local IP applications (Video, Work-Flow, BIM etc);
  • more responsive incident and crisis management.

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Assets – Site Security, Remote Monitoring

Our Asset focused  connectivity solutions are focused on ensuring that your construction sites are secure and safe for employees, suppliers, contractors and the general public.  You need to protect your clients assets from damage and your assets and work in progress, which range from building materials to plant, equipment and vehicles, from theft or misuse.  

You have many sites which need to be protected and where additional security systems in the form of CCTV monitoring, public address, biometric entry or remote managed access are needed. Onwave can work directly with you to provide a secure, resilient and reliable connection for these specialist security providers or to offer this as an element of the overall site connectivity solution.

Onwave will provide a fully secure extension to your Corporate WAN as well as a Direct Internet gateway for 3rd Party suppliers to ensure that your site security, asset monitoring and or site access controls are continually connected.

Benefits include:

  • fast install, within 5-10 days;
  • largest coverage footprint through service combination;
  • Reliable and resilient service;
  • secure data management;
  • sufficient bandwidth to allow concurrent CCTV or video connections;
  • fixed line, cellular, and satellite combinations which deliver continuous up time, even in extreme situations.