How technology can support lone workers in remote locations

Lone workers are defined broadly as those that work without close direct supervision according to the HSE and it is estimated that around 8 million people in the UK are broadly defined as being remote workers.

However, we’re taking a deeper look at lone workers who are required to travel to remote locations. Travel to remote locations adds an additional layer of safety and security consideration if you’re employing people who spend time frequently unable to communicate with the office or others within their team or organisation due to lack of connectivity.

What happens if one of your lone workers in a remote location needs to call for assistance? Or if they need to update a record, but lack the ability to do so because the area they are working in has no phone signal? Or urgent support is needed on a project due to an emergency? What invariably happens in these situations is the employee needs to travel to an area where they can obtain signal.

This is a common problem for those who work throughout the UK in a variety of roles ranging from healthcare professionals to gas engineers and construction workers.

A duty of care

Having the tools to do the job and do it well –seem for the most part obvious, however if there is one thing we take for granted, and impacts workers in remote areas, this is Wi-Fi coverage.

Without a doubt there are few jobs that exist in the world today that do not require some level of internet connectivity such as email, phone calls, WhatsApp plus a multitude of devices and software solutions require internet connectivity to function.

How Onwave can help

Onwave supports many organisations with this problem with our remote worker solutions.

These connectivity options include WAN-in-a-van, our solution for vehicles, and the Netcase – a transportable solution the size of a briefcase that enables agile, remote Wi-Fi connectivity.

These solutions are used by organisations we support throughout the UK to ensure they keep their people safe, connected and facilitate productivity and communication.

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