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Meraki Installation

ISG – a global construction specialist working across multiple sectors is continually looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to their technology and applications. When IT Technology Refresh Manager Kati Leeson was looking to update the connectivity within their ten UK offices, she knew the solution that would work best and be the most future proof.

What are the benefits of Meraki for ISG?

  • High-capacity Wi-Fi
  • Meraki Insights and network response capabilities
  • A central monitoring solution for all sites
  • A scalable connectivity solution
  • Enhanced security
  • Automatic updates

The benefits of working with Onwave for ISG:

Onwave offered the flexibility and solution-focused approach ISG required. Here are four examples of how Onwave worked in partnership to deliver this project which dealt with multiple stakeholders:

  • We were required to work with previous documentation, which permitted us to start working immediately without conducting our own surveys.
  • All works were completed over weekends to reduce any disruption to employees working in the office. Our delivery team went the extra mile when ISG experienced project issues, such as the requirement for ceiling tiles to be replaced. Onwave supplied and fitted these to ensure the Facilities Management team at ISG signed off on the project.
  • ISG has a “no ladder” policy – the Onwave team was happy to use desk surfers when installing the hardware, ensuring full compliance with the internal safety policy.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Additionally, Onwave provided ISG with 20 hours of maintenance and support – an added benefit they hadn’t specified in the requirements. This was a key differentiator from the other quotes they received from competitors.

“It was a pleasure working with Chris Hall and the Onwave team. No problem was too big, and their communication and delivery speed exceeded my expectations. It was helpful that they had an in- house Meraki specialist on hand to answer questions and ensure our systems were aligned with the requirements we had. I hope to work with the team again on future projects we have at ISG.” Kati Leeson – IT Refresh Manager at ISG

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