Site Moves


Site Moves

The Challenge

Osborne used a powerful MPLS network that enabled fast and secure communications.

The problem was that to establish new or decommission existing sites, the business needed to re-configure the MPLS network, however, the cost was high and the speed of delivery was too slow.

There were additional budget pressures and with each site varied in size, number of users and all required guest access.

Our Approach

We supplied a fully secured and managed cellular bonded service to the existing Osborne network via Onwave’s private MPLS network.

The service was installed to sites within 3 working days following receipt of the order.

Onwave installed a headend in the primary data centre and remote bonding CPE equipment on each of the construction sites, simplifying the process for adding and subtracting sites. A secure VPN tunnel was enabled and data was transferred to the data centre.

The Result

Onwave delivered to construction sites, enterprise class managed connectivity services at a fraction of the cost of constantly changing and re-configuring the MPLS network.

Sites were delivered on time, with a positive impact on the overall site project profitability.

The service provided 99.99% availability and bandwidth matched the requirements of end users.

Connected technology without the hassle.

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